Quick & Easy Walking Tacos Recipe

Walk-Along Tacos are a quick and easy treat you can take! There’s everything you love about tacos in this tasty bag of Doritos. This is a great quick meal or dish to serve at a party. This meal is easy to clean up, and everyone loves it.

Our friends were so considerate as to bring dinner to support us as we dealt with some family matters. We adored the walking tacos that one of them got. Thus, we naturally produced them again.

Yes… it is tacos in a bag!

Our family enjoys these simple walking tacos, so I am sharing the recipe with you. You guys enjoyed my Walking Taco Recipe with Fritos the last time! We’re making it using Doritos today! Plus, it’s really simple!

The fact that they are eating tacos in a bag is something the kids adore. When they initially got them, they couldn’t stop asking, “So, no plate? Not a single bowl? It was very funny. Nope, we told them over and over. All we are doing is eating bagged tacos.

What is a Walking taco?

I’ve been asked what walking tacos are a few times, and the explanation is easy. All you need is one serving of chips, some toppings, and a type of meat.

After breaking open the chips, add your ingredients and dig in! Yes, it is that easy. We manufacture these for birthday celebrations and busy nights.

I usually make this walking taco dish with leftover taco meat or chili. I typically freeze any leftover meat.

Taking it out of the freezer on hectic evenings is ideal for this meal. Having some items in the freezer has helped. With this simple recipe, dinnertime won’t be as stressful as it may be!

This dish is ideal for hectic evenings to take out of the freezer. It has been helpful for us to have certain items in the freezer. Dinnertime can be stressful, but not when making this simple dish!


  • Ground Beef
  • Salsa
  • homemade taco seasoning mix
  • Single-serve bag of Doritos – one-person
  • Favorite taco toppings (chopped lettuce, tomatoes, homemade guacamole, shredded cheese, or sour cream)

How to make Walking Tacos:

  • Get your taco meat ready. Our favorite taco spice mix recipe is our homemade one, and I even want to add a half cup of salsa to the taco meat.
  • Prepare the taco toppings.
  • You will need at least one bag of single-serve Doritos for every person. We buy ours in bulk at Sam’s or online on Amazon. 
  • Each person will crush their bag of chips to crunch up the Doritos.
  • Cut open the bag of Doritos down the side.
  • Spoon the Taco meat inside and then top with your favorite taco toppings.
  • Stir with a spoon and eat straight from a bag!

Change up the classic Walking Tacos Recipe:

You can easily customize this Walking Tacos recipe by switching up the chips.

We’ve eaten them with ordinary Doritos, but you could also try them with Fritos or Cool Ranch Doritos.My child suggested making these with some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, which sounds like a wonderful idea as well.

This recipe for walking tacos is so easy to customize that anyone will love it—all they have to do is switch up the chips and add whatever they like.

In addition, Mom will appreciate it since there will be less cleanup. 😉 That’s my personal favorite bit, at least.

What to serve with walking tacos:

This meal would be great for gatherings! Everyone is welcome to take a bag of Doritos. I enjoy setting up a wide variety of taco toppings. Anyone can take a bag of chips and add whatever they want. It’s quite simple. Typically, I set out guacamole, hot sauce, shredded cheese, green onions, salsa, and sour cream. Simply make use of the items you already have and are certain everyone enjoys.

We love to make a Walking Taco Bar!

Occasionally, I will set out various bags of doritos so that individuals have a choice. It’s still really easy, even with all these possibilities. It is the ideal dish for a celebration.

Walking Taco Bar Ideas:

I utilize separated serving trays. These are ideal for adding all of the different toppings. Every plate is open for guests to stop by and take what they like. It truly is very simple to use. Having a Nacho Bar at gatherings is an additional fantastic concept. What fun!

I adore concepts that let me genuinely enjoy the gathering or my visitors. Nobody wants to spend the entire gathering or event chopping and prepping food in the kitchen.

You and the other guests can enjoy the party together with easy meal ideas like these. Enjoy your time and create memories with each person! I’m sure the celebration will be fantastic.

Time Saving Tip:

Prepare your taco meat in advance. Put it in the slow cooker with a quarter cup of water, and the meat for your tacos will stay warm, tasty, and fresh! When you’re ready to eat, it’s then ready. For those of you hosting a party or family get-together, this is an excellent piece of advice.

f you don’t have a crock pot yet, here are some nice ones on sale.  I love the programmable crock pot  for when you are not at home. It’s great so that you can have it cook for the perfect amount of time. I love coming home to dinner waiting!


  • Optional Toppings:


  1. Heat a large skillet over increased heat. Add in the ground beef and brown until the beef is no longer pink (break up as it cooks). Drain off any excess grease.
  2. Stir in the taco seasoning and the salsa. Lower the heat to low and simmer for 3-4 minutes until the flavors are combined.
  3. When serving, gently crush the chips into the Doritos bag. Then cut open the top or the side of the bag.
  4. Top each bag with the taco meat and the toppings of your selection.
  5. Gently stir together and enjoy!



Calories 299kcalCarbohydrates 2gProtein 20gFat 23gSaturated Fat 9gPolyunsaturated Fat 1gMonounsaturated Fat 10gTrans Fat 1gCholesterol 81mgSodium 240mgPotassium 350mgFiber 0.5gSugar 1gVitamin A 137IUVitamin C 1mgCalcium 26mgIron 2mg.

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